Sunday, March 18, 2018


 Oh goodness I really don't have a name for this one! Please leave suggestions below also I really love this bunny, I actually reallllyyyy love all 3 of the finished concentration pieces, kind of not feeling the coral when you compare it to how great the bunny fish and deer are.


This is my first concentration piece!!! I love it so much, but it doesn't have a real name yet. I'm thinking maybe in the wilderness or into the woods idkkk

creepy relief

Pretty sure I don't have a title for this one, we can call it broken. Honestly don't love it. I think i want to remelt some glass in there, I just think it could use some work.

Time to update my blog

so this is what we call time travel. I glued tinfoil to wood and then covered it in paint strip things. It looks super trippy and a little like trash but I love!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Teens inspired

I wasn't actually the most inspired. It took a long long time to figure out which piece to choose and how to make it my own. It took a longgg time to get this far and I still have a lot left but I really like it. I've actually really challenged myself this year and ik I got a lot of help from you but I'm still proud.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


This is my shark. The object I used is a pencil sharpener, and then I made a shark around it, and had the mouth open to the sharpener. It's quite clever, I think. So i started by covering the pencil sharpener in a tinfoil base, this was rough. It was really difficult to shape it the way I wanted and I had never used tinfoil before so I was confused. Then I did the paper mache which was gross and smelled awful. That took a lot of layers and a long time to dry. Thennnn I started by painting it white, then grayish white, then I added the black wet paint. Then I did the teeth (they sucked), I shaped them, fired, glazed, hot glued- I'm tired just listing out everything I had to do. Then I made eyes out of clay, glazed those, and finally painted the mouth. I was looking around the classroom for inspiration and I thought, pencil, pencil sharpener, shark eating the pencil hahahahahaha. Pictures will come later the table is super messy :)

Update/ Progress

So far I have finished my two dancing girls, my shark, my galaxy paint thing, I have my whale, I'm working on my mother and child and my saxophone. All together that is only 6... I'm nervous. Also I haven't taken pictures of any of these. Ok I now realize I need to make a blog for my shark... I don't think this is required but since I took my time to type it out I will post it